Supervisor Moore has a proven track record of results. She remains committed to the values she has held during her time on the Board of Upper Milford Supervisors.

  • Voted to Fund Our Fire Departments
    • When Upper Milford’s fire departments needed updated equipment and machinery, Joyce voted to ensure they had the resources they needed to keep us safe.
  • Keeping Taxes Low
    • Upper Milford has remained with one of the lowest millage rates in Lehigh County among second-class townships. We must keep our taxes low to ensure financial stability for our community’s working families.
  • A Bi-Partisan Champion
    • Joyce Moore has made it a priority for politics to not get in the way of township business. She is proud of the progress that has been made during her time on the Upper Milford Township Board of Supervisors, as well as the strong working relationships she has with her colleagues.


If elected to the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners, Joyce Moore is ready to hit the ground running on Day One - working on the issues that truly matter to Lehigh County Residents.

  • Open Space, Farmland Preservation, & Smart Growth
    • As the former Chair of the Open Space Committee in Upper Milford Township, and as a Supervisor in Upper Milford Township, Joyce has always prioritized preserving green spaces, to ensure that our community remains a good place to live for generations.
  • Fiscal Discipline
    • Joyce worked as a management accountant for 10 years, then a financial advisor/investment manager for 30 years. She learned how to stick to a budget, manage cash flow and develop strategies for maximizing investment returns while respecting investment risks.
  • Accountability to the Residents of District #5
    • Joyce intends to remain available and accessible to the people in District Five, to be sure she has your needs in mind while governing.
  • Pursue a Lehigh County Health Department
    • In the midst of an historically devastating pandemic, we have no county-wide health department. Joyce will seek funding formulas, with both public and private resources, to put a county health department in place to see us through the pandemic with the best health outcomes possible for those in Lehigh County.
  • Support Small Business
    • Joyce is a small business person, and has been for 40 years. She knows what it’s like to take a mortgage out on your house to be sure you can always make payroll. The pandemic has really stressed small businesses, and Joyce will do whatever she can to support them.
  • Protect Cedarbrook
    • Cedarbrook is a gem for our Seniors and the expansion of it shows Lehigh County’s priorities to those who have raised us. Joyce will always keep the needs of Cedarbrook in mind.
  • Eliminate Cash Bail whenever possible and seek alternatives to incarceration (i.e. Drug and Alcohol Court)
    • Lehigh County needs to evolve the bail system, and seek rehabilitation and sobriety for non-violent offenders with substance abuse problems.